GPL 1965 F1 Mod Installer 2.0.2 Download: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/GPL65F1_Alternative__2.0.2.exe [52.5 MB] This installer basically installs a complete GPL 1965 F1 Mod Version 2.0.2. To allow a one-click installation this installer is a merged installation of the original GPL 1965 F1 Mod Version 2.0.1, the high res version of the Lotus 33 and the later published Version 2.0.2. Additional the recommended steering wheel fix from MECH is included as well. You will find the 65mod raised add-on from MECH in the repository\GPL65\MECH folder as well as an option in the “Select Components”. You have the choice to select the original, full installation, a customized, a historic ride height or a historic ride height with 2D helmets. There’s still some interesting debate as to the ride height of the original mod or the changed one from MECH is the right one. Due to the zillion options I’ll leave that to you and so I have limited the options to basically 2 when you want to use the ride height fix from MECH. Guide on how to install mods for Grand Prix Legends: http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-mods Grand Prix Legends (GPL) Easy Installation Guide: http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-easy-installation-guide Track Installer for F1 1965 Season Download: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/GPL65ModTracks_0.5.exe [188 MB] This installer will install the missing tracks Clermont-Ferrand 65, East London and Charade Clermont-Ferrand (For GPL Rank 65 V1). Also it includes Goodwood, Syracuse, Enna, Brands Hatch and Killarne. All credits belong to the original track developers. Get Goodwood 1965 (including 1955) from the GPL Alternative Track Database: http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=goodwd65 The 65 Mod and Track installer was put togehter by Bernd Nowak and is also hosted on his website: https://gplps.wordpress.com/gplps-gpl-installer/ 1965 Mod Full Graphics Update 2018 by Denis Bertrand (db312) Download 1: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/1_Mod65_Full_Updt_2018.7z [28.9 MB] Download 2: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/2_Irridux 65 historical+Non Championship 2018.7z [23.5] Fix: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/Ferrari_Skins_On-line_Corrected.rar [1.6 MB] Bonus 1: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/65layout_updt_2018.rar [6.9 MB] Bonus 2: http://65f1.gplworld.de/files/Player65_OpenFace_Choice.rar [694 KB] IMPORTANT! You have to install the Mod'65 version 2.0.2 before you apply this update! This update only concerns the graphics, not the physics, which remains unchanged. You will find all the previous updates merged into each car folder, plus some files that Denis has added over two years. Main features: - New skins and new cockpit for the Anderson and Gardner's Brabham BT11. - New skins and cockpit for the Brabham BT7. - New skins for the Cooper T77. - On-line skins for the Brabham and the Lotus. - All the different car skins usable by the player. - New AI faces and helmets, steering wheels, gloves, arms, wheels, tires and rear axles for all the cars. - An update of the Non-Championship races made by Irridux. - A lot of small modifications... - And a lot of extra files that you will find in each cars' folders, with the possibility to always go back easily... For more details on the 1965 Mod Graphics Update please go here: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=12646 More 1965 Mod Updates & Downloads: GPL-65 Mod SRMZ Subforum: http://srmz.net/index.php?showforum=154 Setups for GPL 1965 Mod: http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-setups