GPL 1965 F1 Mod

Welcome to the 1965 F1 Mod for Grand Prix Legends

The 1965 F1 Mod was the first mod for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) and was released in 2004, followed by the 1965 2.0.1 Mod Update in 2006 and the 1965 2.0.2 Mod Update in 2009. It simulates the full F1 World Championship season of 1965 which was the last year of the 1.5-litre rules. The 1965 World Automobile Championship was the 16th season of the Automobile World Championship, which is today now known as the Formula 1 World Championship. Within its framework, more than ten races were held in the period from 1 January 1965 to 24 October 1965, the Drivers' World Championship and the International Cup of Formula 1 Constructors. The FIA Honorary Grand Prix of Europe title was awarded to the Belgian Grand Prix in 1965. Jim Clark won the drivers' world championship for the second time. Lotus became Constructors' World Champion for the second time. The season was mainly dominated by Jim Clark and his Lotus. In contrast to last year, he could afford to compete in only nine out of ten races. Also this time he dropped out in three races. But whenever he reached the finish line he was the first placed and thus scored 54 points - more was not possible according to the regulations at that time. The year marked the completion of the 1.5-litre Formula 1, which many designers had considered inferior. But looking back, Graham Hill judged that the small and very light Monopostos were incredibly fast and could only be mastered with the utmost concentration. At the last race of this regulation the manufacturer Honda and Richie Ginther celebrated their first victory. With Jackie Stewart and Denis Hulme, two later world champions took part in the World Championship for the first time. Stewart won his first race at his eighth start. At the end of the year, after seven years together, Bruce McLaren said goodbye to Cooper to form his own team, the foundation of today's McLaren team. Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia